Current Projects

When Women Vote, Democrats Win!

It’s time to reach out, talk to, and encourage the women of Licking County to engage.

With focus on our mission, the caucus looks to:


Recognition Event for Licking County Democrats who ran for open seat in the Fall 2009 (March 2010)

Recognition Events for  Licking County Democratic Women Public Servants (2008/2009)

Hosted Forum on Safe & Sustainable Food (March 2008)

Nominated Irene Kennedy for Women of Achievement Award (April 2008)

Supported and Attended State Women’s Caucus Leadership & Training Events  (2008/2009)

Hosted Voter Education Forum (Fall 2008)

Member Coalition of Progressive & Democratic Organizations Central Ohio

Supported RootsCamp 2008/2009/2010/2011

Facilitated Women for Obama ad financing (Fall 2009)

Published event and program information

Promoted training and leadership programs for women (Wellstone/WhiteHouse Project)

Ongoing support for Newark-Granville Symphony Orchestra

Facilitated Obama Women Ad potluck (January 2009)

Ice Cream Social featured Green Living Discussion (July 2009)

Supported efforts of the Ohio Democratic Women Caucus

Supported local democratic and progressive efforts

Promoted ideals through participation in local events

Supported Licking County Democratic Club/Party Events

Sponsorships at local Lamb and Cattleman’s Assn Events

Created LICKINGDWC.ORG website